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Students' Final Year Projects

These projects are printed and bound by the Institute. They may be consulted by appointment with the Hamilton Kerr Institute.


Anna Don: Morality, Policy and Aesthetics: an Investigation into the Royal Academy's Technical Forms of Procedure in the Late Nineteenth Century

Anna Don: Craft and Devotion: A Technical Study and Reconstruction of Giovanni di Paolo's 'St Bartholomew'

Elisabeth Petrina: The Environment in Cambridge Museums: Risk, Priority and Compromise

Elisabeth Petrina: Reconstruction of a Seventeenth Century Depiction of Dives and Lazarus from the Collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum


Amiel Clarke: An Investigation into the Materials and Technique of Walther Sickert (1860-1942)

Amiel Clarke: Treatment, Technical Analysis and Reconstruction of Henry Stone's Unknown Man

Michaela Straub: Brotherhoods - in and around London during the Nineteenth Century

Michaela Straub: The Study and Reconstruction of an Early English Painting Depicting Seven Saints from Battel Hall


Pia Dowse: Conservation and the Values of Paintings

Pia Dowse: Technical Analysis and Reconstruction of Anthony Van Dyck’s Portrait of a Man

Shan Kuang: Re-Examining Prior Findings and Assumptions: Technical Study of A Magus at a Table by Jan Lievens from Upton House (National Trust)

Shan Kuang: Investigation and Reconstruction of a Tondo: Sebastiano del Piombo’s Madonna and Child (c. 1513) from the Fitzwilliam Museum


Aalia Kamal: The Materials and Techniques of Vanessa Bell

Aalia Kamal: The Examination, Reconstruction and Treatment of Interior Court of the Doges Palace by Giovanni Antonio Canal, ‘Canaletto’

Adele Wright: The Professions of St Luke: What Conservation Can Learn from its Historical and Contemporary Links with Medicine

Adele Wright: Treatment, Technical Analysis and Reconstruction of Eugène Delacroix’s The Lion and the Snake


Eleanor von Aderkas: X-Ray Flourescence Spectrometry of easel painting layers; a multivariate statistical approach

Eleanor von Aderkas: ‘Behold one work of mine that ne'er shall fade’: Technical examination, reproduction and treatment of A Vase of Flowers by Simon Pietersz Verelst

Victoria Sutcliffe: Communication with Artists: the opportunity for evidence from living sources analysed

Victoria Sutcliffe: Copy of a painting attributed to Degas


Emma Boyce: ‘Historic Structural Alterations and Auxiliary Supports on Paintings in the Royal Collection’

Emma Boyce: ‘The Conservation, Reconstruction and Reattribution of a 17c Dutch Seascape’

Daniela Leonard: ‘The Fading of Traditional Paints’

Daniela Leonard: ‘Dirck van Delen Fecit 1628: The Construction of a 17th Century Dutch Church Interior’


Jessica David: ‘Examination and treatment of six reverse paintings on glass from William Nicholson’s Loggia with Figures and Architectural Fragments

Jessica David: ‘Investigation and reconstruction of a seventeenth century Pronk still-life: The Yarmouth Collection

Alison Stock: ‘Medieval gilding techniques: A practical investigation into the methods and materials for water gilding according to treatises’

Alison Stock: ‘A reconstruction of a late sixteenth century painting on a copper support: Hendrick van Balen’s Adoration of the Shepherds from the Fitzwilliam Museum’


Clare Heard: ‘Painting, Potatoes and Potash: An examination of the Traditional Recommendations for the Cleaning of Paintings, before 1850’

Clare Heard: ‘The Technical Reconstruction of a 13th Century Medieval English Altarpiece: The Westminster Abbey Retable’

Tabitha Teuma: ‘Practical application of fungistats and fungicides to paintings’

Tabitha Teuma: ‘Zuccaro: Calumny of Apelles (Royal Collection), Examination and Copy’


Lara Wilson: ‘The examination of the portraits in the library of Anglesey Abbey’

Lara Wilson: ‘The examination, reconstruction and treatment of Juan and Diego Sanchez: Road to Calvary (Fitzwilliam Museum)’

Hayley Woodhouse: ‘Investigation of a range of potential fungistats and fungicides for use on easel paintings - with particular reference to the environmental problems at Anglesey Abbey’

Hayley Woodhouse: ‘Examination and comparison of early and late Golden Age Dutch flowerpieces: Ambrosius Bosshaert Flowerpiece with Monkey (c.1635) and Jan van Huysum’s Vase of Flowers (c.1710-20) — Reconstruction of Jan van Huysum’s Vase of Flowers’


Adelaide Izat: ‘The Aesthetics, Adulteration and Application of Asphalt in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries’

Adelaide Izat: ‘A copy of a seventeenth century roman School: St Dominic receiving the Rosary from the Virgin’


Meta Chavannes: ‘One Hundred years of Blues: an Investigation into Possible Causes of Deterioration of the Virgin’s Robes in Italian Easel Paintings, c.1450-1550’

Meta Chavannes: ‘A Reconstruction of Dominico Ghirlandaio’ Nativity (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge)’


Rebecca Kench: ‘An Investigation into the performance of four different microclimate boxes’

Rebecca Kench: ‘A Copy of Alfred Stevens’ La Liseuse, examination, treatment and copy’

Lorraine Maule: ‘Stretchers: Canvas as a painting support. Historical review of the development of auxiliary supports and stretching methods’

Lorraine Maule: ‘The Gadarene Swine by Paul Bril, Technical examination and the making of a copy’


Alison Smith: ‘The Aesthetics and handling properties of three low molecular weight varnishes, with and without the addition of plasticisers’

Alison Smith: ‘The Battle of the Spurs, a technical examination and construction of a copy’


Jo Lynn: ‘Two 13th century panels from the Painted Chamber, Westminster Palace, a discussion of materials and techniques’

Jo Lynn: ‘The Judgement of Zaleucus, 1606 by Ambrosius Francken, Technical examination and the making of a copy’

Nicola Pause: ‘A study into the method of retouching with egg tempera’

Nicola Pause: ‘Technical examination and execution of a copy of The Grand Canal North of the Rialto Bridge by Michele Marieschi’


Pippa Balch: ‘Bartolome Esteban Murillo’s Madonna and the Rosary; the artist’s technique and construction of a copy’


Claire Chorley: ‘The Adoration of the Magi, Flemish School, c. 1500. An investigation and copy of a Flemish panel from the Fitzwilliam Museum


Spike Bucklow: ‘The cleaning and copying of Still-Life with Fruit and Flowers by Jan van Os

Spike Bucklow: ‘An investigation into the effect of some surface characteristics upon the perception of pictorial space in easel paintings’ 

Annabel Robinson: ‘The monitory and analysis of the climate within the church of St Mary, Thornham Parva, Suffolk’

Annabel Robinson: ‘The construction of a copy of a 19th century canvas painting The Florentine Procession by Jane Eleanor Benham Hay’


Hélène Dubois: ‘A copy and reconstruction of the technique of W.P. Frith’s Othello and Desdemona

Hélène Dubois: ‘Aspects of Sir Joshua Reynolds’ painting technique. A study of the primary sources with reference to the examination of paintings’

Minako Ota: ‘Reconstruction of two panel paintings by Adrian Isenbrandt’

Minako Ota: ‘Regeneration of aged glue in glue lining’


Michael Gallagher: ‘The Roberson Archive, inventory of written and printed material and case study on the accounts of Ford Maddox Brown’

Michael Gallagher: ‘The construction of a copy of The Emperor Charles V, a panel attributed to the Master of the Magdalen Legend’

Marika Spring: ‘A copy of the painting Pan and Syrinx in a Classical Landscape by Anton Ryckaert, from the Fitzwilliam Museum’

Marika Spring: ‘A study of staining techniques for the identification of proteinaceous paint media’


Katherine Ara: ‘An investigation of late 18th century and early 19th century thixotropic media: Megilps and gumptions - based on the investigation carried out by Leslie Carlyle from documentary sources’

Katherine Ara: ‘A copy of a later 15th century or early 16th century Flemish painting Adoration of the Magi from the Fitzwilliam Museum’


Aella Diamantopoulos: ‘Attempts at the reconstruction of picture varnishes according to recipes from the 12th to the 18th century’

Aella Diamantopoulos: ‘The Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, copy of a Greek icon of the late 16th century

Rosanna Eadie: ‘Observations on the deterioration of blue and green paint layers in Dutch 17th century painting’

Rosanna Eadie: ‘A copy of Gerrit Dou’s Woman at a Window’


Nicola Christie: ‘The Hunt in the Forest by Paolo Uccello, technical examination and copy’

Nicola Christie: ‘The grounds of paintings. A comparative survey of the theory and practice of priming supports from the 12th to the mid 18th century’

Kate Russell: ‘A study into the materials and equipment of artists’ studio using documentary evidence’


Sarah Murray: ‘Examination and technique of early 17th century Dutch and Flemish flower paintings’

Sarah Murray: ‘Copy of A Basket of Flowers by Balthasar van der Ast’

Larry Keith: ‘Mazzolino’s Christ Before Pilate, examination, treatment and copy’

Larry Keith: ‘The Visitation of Maso da San Friano’


Sally Thirkettle: ‘Luis Morales Madonna and Child (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford). A case study on the examination and treatment’

Sally Thirkettle: ‘The cleaning and examination of Henry Prince of Wales on Horseback and other works by Robert Peake’


Karen Ashworth: ‘An examination of the frame of a Tabernacle Altarpiece by Paolo di Stefano’

Ella Hendricks: ‘Some considerations of the painting technique of Sir Peter Lely with regard to workshop practice’


Rupert Featherstone: ‘An enquiry into the painting methods and materials of George Stubbs’

Anna Sanden: ‘Some aspects of blanching’


Sara Lee: ‘An investigation into the contouring properties of some picture varnishes’

Caroline Quinn: ‘A copy of the Entombment of Christ by the Master of Saint Ursula from the Fitzwilliam Museum’

Caroline Quinn: ‘Drapery painting techniques used in Italy and the Netherlands during the 15th and 16th century’


Daniel Fabian: ‘A study on panel paintings from the earliest beginnings to 1640’

Caroline Richards: ‘The theory and technique of landscape painting’


Mary Allden: ‘A copy of the Adoration of the Magi by Studio of Joos van Cleve’

Mary Allden: ‘The theory and practice of flesh paintings from the 14th to the 19th century. A comparison of contemporary treatises with actual technique for easel painting’

Simon Folkes: ‘Examination and copy of the Virgin and Child attributed to the Studio of Perugino from the Fitzwilliam Museum’

Simon Folkes: ‘Italian painting techniques of the late 15th century and early 16th century. An examination of the methods revealed in three unfinished paintings’


Amelia Jackson: ‘An account of the scientific examination of easel paintings’

Amelia Jackson: ‘Examination and copy of a Florentine School, 15th century Madonna and Child from the Fitzwilliam Museum’


Keith Laing: ‘Claude Lorrain Apollo and Mercury (Wallace Collection); detection of overpaint’

Keith Laing: ‘Examination of Maerten van Heemskerk’s The Four Last Things (Royal Collection)’

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