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Hamilton Kerr Institute

Fitzwilliam Museum

Summative Assessment:

In addition to continuous formative assessment and written termly feedback, students will also complete the following summative assessments during the course:

Year 1

Written Examinations:

  • Practical Conservation
  • Theory of Conservation
  • Heritage Science


Practical Examinations:

  • Practical Conservation Photography
  • Practical Chemistry and scientific analytical and imaging methods
  • Examination of a painting and reporting on condition and treatment recommendations.


Year 2


Practical Assessment – 2 written reports of 3000 words.

  • Examination and condition report based upon studio work undertaken.
  • Treatment report based upon studio work undertaken.


Viva Voce examination – assessment of studio work undertaken (internal assessment)


Theoretical Assessment – 4 written essays of 3000 words.

Subject areas to be selected in consultation with supervisors, for example, but not restricted to:

  • Technical Art Historical aspects
  • Heritage science aspects
  • Environmental impact
  • Material behaviour
  • Conservation methods
  • Ethical issues


Year 3


  • Practical reconstruction and accompanying 5000-word supporting report.
  • Written 10,000-word dissertation on a research project with accompanying practical component.   
  • Viva voce examination, based on 3rd year studio/written work.
  • External examiner moderation (final term).