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Hamilton Kerr Institute

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Published in 1997

The Index of Account Holders in the Roberson Archive 1820-1939 lists over 9,000 artists recorded in the account ledgers of the London artists' colourmen Charles Roberson & Co., whose extensive archive is housed at the Hamilton Kerr Institute.

The Index provides a checklist of those involved in the Victorian and Edwardian art world, predominantly in the British Isles but also abroad.

Customers include members of the Royal, Scottish, Cambrian and Hibernian Academies, graphic artists, designers, amateur painters (including royal and aristocratic artists), patrons, dealers, restorers and suppliers of materials.

Giving names, addresses and the dates of each account, the index is both a key to further research into the Roberson Archive and a means of identifying artists of the period, including many less well-known names.

Paperback: ISBN 978-0-904454-46-8

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