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Hamilton Kerr Institute

Fitzwilliam Museum

Published 1994

The second Bulletin includes articles on:

  • Four early Dutch flower paintings examined with reference to Crispijn van de Passe's 'Den Blom-Hof';
  • Lely's studio practice;
  • Technical examination of Lambert Sustris's 'Diana and Acteon';
  • Giacinto Calandrucci's 'Transfiguration';
  • The Pseudo-Bramantino's 'Deposition of Christ' in St Edward's Church, Guildford;
  • An auxiliary support case history;
  • A consolidation/filler system for insect-damaged wood;
  • Aluminium devices as temporary helpers for panel structural work;
  • The structural conservation of Maso da San Friano's 'Visitation' Alterpiece;
  • A seventeenth-century use of bituminous paint;
  • Dutch pigment terminology I: A seventeenth-century explanation of the word 'schulpwit';
  • Dutch pigment terminology II: 'Schiet' yellow or 'schijt' yellow;
  • The history of egg-white varnishes.

Paperback: ISBN 978-0-904454-35-2

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