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Hamilton Kerr Institute

Fitzwilliam Museum

Published 2016

This volume is the sixth in the biennial publication which presents the recent research of past and present staff and students (including early career interns) of the Hamilton Kerr Institute in the conservation, structure, materials and history of paintings.

The Bulletin is published in an important anniversary year for both the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Hamilton Kerr Institute, celebrating 200 and 40 years since their respective foundations.

This Bulletin includes articles on:

  • Thomas Gainsborough as a copyist;
  • The Gainsborough's House paint bladders: tin-based mordants and the attribution of artists' materials;
  • Daniël Seghers, phoenix of flower-painters;
  • Judgement and speculation: an appraisal of the Middle Temple's 'Judgement of Solomon';
  • A note on the use of the purple pigment fluorite on 'The Man in Red';
  • All that is gold does not glitter: a technical, historical and iconographical study of the central panel of the Great Chamber fireplace, Charterhouse, London and the figure of Rowland Buckett;
  • 'Titian's Mistress' at Apsley House and the painting beneath;
  • A technical study of Sir Joshua Reynolds' 'Portrait of Anne Liddell, Duchess of Grafton, 1757-59';
  • On the unorthodox origin and Byzantine journey of the Lavenham 'Madonna';
  • Forty years of student projects as waymarks on the professional path. 

Available from Archetype Publications

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