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Hamilton Kerr Institute

Fitzwilliam Museum

C15th Tempera Reconstruction

C15th tempera reconstruction


The Hamilton Kerr Institute was approached by Fulmar Television to create a detailed and historically accurate partial reconstruction of Filippo Lippi’s, Adoration of the Christ Child (Anbetung des Kindes), for a BBC television programme, The Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece.



Egg Tempera Retouching

Egg Tempera Retouching


The full version of Egg Tempera Retouching was presented at a BAPCR and ICON conference and workshop. The postprints of this conference, which cover various retouching media, have been compiled into a book entitled Mixing and Matching: Approaches to Retouching Paintings published by Archetype Publications, February 2010.



Reconstruction of a Dutch flower painting

Reconstruction of a Dutch flower painting


Jan Van Os (1744-1808) became the Director of the Academy at The Hague and is known to have exhibited twelve paintings - mostly flower pieces - at the Society of Artists in London between 1773 and 1791. The painting being reconstructed here was given to the Fitzwilliam Museum as part of the Broughton Collection in 1973.



Reconstruction of an Early Italian-style Crucifix

Restoration of an Early Italian-style Crucifix


In 2005 the Hamilton Kerr Institute was approached by the Catholic chaplaincy in Cambridge to make an early Italian style painted crucifix for their chapel. The Institute agreed to make the crucifix on the condition that it could be done using authentic materials and techniques so that it would become an empirical research project.



Reconstruction of a C17th Pronk Still Life

 The Yarmouth Collection


Painted around 1665 by an unknown though most likely Dutch artist, The Yarmouth Collection (Norwich Castle Museum) presents a lavish yet personal assemblage of objects once belonging to the Paston family of Oxnead Hall, Norfolk.