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HKI Bulletin Number 4

Published 2013

The forth Bulletin includes articles on:

  • Conservation and technical study of Siciolante da Sermoneta's ' Deposition of Christ', from King's College Chapel, Cambridge;
  • Treatment of the 'Triple Portrait of John Lacy' by John Michael Wright;
  • East Anglian medieval church screens: a brief guide to their physical history;
  • Notes on the technique of Eugène Boudin;
  • In search of a nose for Anne of Cleves: on the restoration of a sixteenth-century portrait and a reassessment of the sitter's identity as Henry VIII's German bridge;
  • The winter scenes of Abraham Hondius: 'A Picture of Thames in Ye Great Frost';
  • Lombardy, Leonardo and a long-lost Piazza: conservation, technical study and an alternative attribution for a sixteenth-century 'Virgin and Child';
  • Processes and pigment recipes: azurite.

Available from Archetype Publications

HKI Bulletin 4



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