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Hamilton Kerr Institute

Fitzwilliam Museum

Staff and students star in a short film made by the Colnaghi Foundation in collaboration with the Wallace Collection to give the public an insight into what lies behind museum collections.

The series of films explores the history of how collections are built up, and explains the physical processes behind both artistic creation and conservation processes.

Rupert Featherstone (Director of the HKI) presented a 5-minute film on conserving Old Masters paintings, ably assisted by Vicky Sutcliffe (Conservator), Molly Hughes Hallett (intern) and Anna Don (student). It features the splendidly restored entrance of the Fitzwilliam Museum and shows some of the major works of art that have been conserved and researched by Institute staff.

It is hoped that the films will inspire a new generation of art lovers and collectors to appreciate and enjoy museums that contain the great artistic works of the past, to match the current interest in contemporary art and collecting.

 View the film here.