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Christine graduated from the University of Brighton in 2005 with an honours degree in Fine Art Painting. In 2009 she obtained an MA in Conservation of Easel Paintings from Northumbria University. Since then she has been based at the Hamilton Kerr Institute; first completing a two-year internship and, since 2011, has been employed as a paintings conservator. She became an ICON (Institute for Conservation) accredited conservator in 2015.


Christine is a studio conservator and supervisor to the Hamilton Kerr Institute’s Postgraduate Diploma students and interns. She works on a wide range of paintings from the 15th century through to the modern day, on a variety of supports. She has a particular interest in the structural conservation of canvas supports and at present is involved in the Getty Foundation’s Conserving Canvas Initiative. The initiative focuses on the structural conservation of canvas paintings and the continued training of conservators, ensuring the practical skills needed to care for these paintings do not disappear. She has recently explored and published on the topic of imaging in conservation which emphasises the reliance conservators place on images and the importance of accuracy, consistency and continuity. She has an interest in the influence human visual perception has in conservation, particularly in the interpretation of images, and is currently researching how advances in neuroscience have uncovered the brain’s mechanisms involved in visual perception. Christine has also co-edited editions of the Hamilton Kerr’s Bulletin, showcasing research undertaken at the Institute by staff, students and interns.


Key publications: 

A Wright, S Woodcock, L Wrapson, C Braybrook and F Campbell (eds), Bulletin of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, 8, 2020 (forthcoming 2020)

C Braybrook and C Titmus, A picture paints a thousand words: the effects of human perception on imaging in conservation and the relevance of consistency and defined parameters, Bulletin of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, 8, 2020: 104-117 (forthcoming 2020)

L Wrapson, A Wright, C Braybrook and S Bucklow (eds), Bulletin of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, 7, 2018

A Clarke and C Braybrook, Reattributing a painting through technical study: Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness by Marcantonio Franceschini, Bulletin of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, 7, 2018: 69-84

L Wrapson and C Braybrook (eds), Bulletin of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, 6, 2016

C Braybrook, Judgement and speculation: an appraisal of the Middle Temple's Judgement of Solomon, Bulletin of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, 6, Archetype, London 2016: 45-61

C Braybrook and J Rose, A re-evaluation of The Battle of Nördlingen by Jan van den Hoecke, Bulletin of the Hamilton Kerr Institute, 5, Archetype, London 2014: 45-56

R Miller and C Patrick, Four weeks of work for four seconds of fame: reconstructions for television, In Artists’ Footsteps. The reconstruction of pigments and paintings, Archetype, London 2013: 165-176

C Patrick, The Judgement of Solomon, The Middle Templar, The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, 52, Michaelmas 2012: 40 -41

Painting Conservator
 Christine  Braybrook

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