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Christine Slottved Kimbriel

Christine Slottved Kimbriel

Assistant to the Director/Senior Painting Conservator

Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 832 040


Christine achieved a BA in the History of Art from the University of Aarhus in 2004 and graduated with a degree in Conservation-Restoration Science from the School of Conservation, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, in 2007. She undertook a two-year internship in the conservation of easel paintings at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, where she proceeded to take up a full-time position as Paintings Conservator in 2009. 

Research Interests

Christine has worked extensively on English 16th and early 17th century panel paintings and is keenly interested in artistic practices of the Tudor and Stuart period. She is currently co-investigator on the project Secrets of a Silent Miniaturist: Technical Analysis of Isaac Oliver's Miniatures. She also has particular interest in the structural treatment of panel supports and in the developing field of conservation of modern and contemporary paintings. Christine undertakes conservation and restoration of easel paintings and related research at the Institute and in situ, and she acts as supervisor on work undertaken by students and interns. She also oversees the monitoring and control of the environmental conditions of studios and stores.

Key Publications

  • Kimbriel, C.S. & Joannides, P., "On the unorthodox origin and byzantine journey of the Lavenham Madonna", The Hamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin number 6, Archetype, London 2016, pp.104-115
  • Jones, R., Kimbriel, C.S. & Wöesten, L., “A study of three paintings by George Gower”, The Hamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin number 5, Archetype, London 2014, pp.11-36
  •  Kimbriel, C.S., “The Changing Faces of Queen Elizabeth I. Findings during the conservation treatment of the Eton College Sieve PortraitHamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin number 5, Archetype, London 2014, pp.86-100
  • Kimbriel, C.S. & McBurney, H., “A newly discovered variant of the Queen Elizabeth I Sieve portrait at Eton College”, The Burlington Magazine, vol. CLVI no.1339, pp.640-49
  • Kimbriel, C.S. & Noh, Y., “Sebastiano del Piombo’s Adoration of the Shepherds: on the pursuit of coloristic splendour in a ‘lost’ painting”, In Artists’ Footsteps. The reconstruction of pigments and paintings, eds. Wrapson, L., Rose, J., Miller, R. & Bucklow, S., Archetype, London 2013, pp.77-94
  • Kimbriel, C.S., “In Search of a Nose for Anne of Cleves: On the Restoration of a 16th Century Portrait and a Reassessment of the Sitter’s Identity as Henry VIII’s German Bride.” Hamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin number 4, Archetype, London 2013, pp.54-66
  • Bucklow, S. & Kimbriel, C.S., “The Fate of a Board: Four Paintings from Trinity College”, (Paper presented at the ‘Tudor and Jacobean Painting: Production, Influences and Patronage’ Conference, The National Portrait Gallery, London, 2-4 December 2010):